I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to vote for me on the ESPN ESPY nomination and for passing it on to your family and friends.
We did it! Wednesday evening in Hollywood at the Nokia theater we were awarded one of ESPN's top sports ESPY.
This past year has been full of many great accomplishments for us as a whole.
I believe the best is yet to come.
Thank you for standing by me and supporting me. The greatest things in life are always difficult and they are never done alone.

My Badwater Ultra Marathon Experience

I will start by saying I had a great crew and even though I had to drop out of the race at Stove Pipe Wells we all had a trip full of memories to fill the next chapter in the book. Hemsley, Karen, Mary and Morgan thank you for everything. Dropping out of this race was a very difficult thing to do.....especially for me because I have been taught all my life that I can do anything, that pain is all in my head. Well these things are true, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances get in the way.
We didn't even complete the first mile before the skin on my amputated leg ripped off the bottom (residual affects from the damage done at Western States just weeks before). As a result of this, even though the rest of me was in great shape I had to pull from the race.
I wanted to hide in my hotel room and hop the first plane home but I didn't. Me and the crew went to the finish line and cheered the other runners on their way to a successful Badwater finish. Jamie....way to go! Anna-Marie way to kick it into gear and get up Mt Whitney and Hung it was great to see you again, the determination you displayed was humbling to say the least, I hope we race again soon.
Chris Kostman, thanks for an amazing race and the belief you have in a persons ability to go beyond what others think possible and Scott the guy in the kilt, you are the type of person who helps the runners continue to take another step, your spirit is contagious, you kept us girls laughing for hours.
ACtive fit-girl power!

Amy Palmiero-Winters Nominated for ESPN's ESPY Award; Help Her Win by Voting Now!

A Step Ahead is proud to announce that Amy Palmiero-Winters (Below Knee) has been nominated for a 2010 ESPY Award in the category of Best Female Athlete with a Disability. This prestigious award will be presented on July 14th in Los Angeles, and being nominated is yet another achievement in what has been a momentous year for Amy, who was chosen to be on Team USA at the IAU Ultrarunning World Championships in Brive, France and was selected as the winner of the 2010 AAU Sullivan Award.

N.Y. woman becomes first amputee to finish Western States 100 race

 The exclamation point to a ground-breaking weekend at the Western States Endurance Run came at 8:43 a.m. Sunday from a 37-year-old woman who refuses to let others determine her limitations.

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