Follow-Up to The North Face Endurance Challenge Bear Mt. 50 mile trail run

Saturday was probably by far the hardest thing I have ever done and all I kept thinking was I had three team mates and their parents who gave up a weekend to stand out in the mud and rain to volunteer at a crazy 13 hour race and who were also going to be waiting for me at the finishline. 
When I fell during the race and my real ankle/foot was swelling up I thought to myself this is crazy I can't possibly make it 37 more miles and then I thought of how the junior team was ice climbing and they really thought they couldn't go any further....and despite the tears I made all of them take 5 more steps up the side of the ice. I then said to myself I have 2 choices.... lay down and give up and let it beat me or  get up off my butt and push past it.... I wasn't going to give up!  

Over the next hours and miles of that race the junior team really pulled me through and I just want to thank all of them for being there and for helping me accomplish something I thought might not be obtainable. 
It was amazing having all of them were there at the finish line and it will be a race that will stand out in my memory I'm sure forever. Thanks guys for helping me suck it up and cross that finish line just in time!