The Chicago Triathlon and MORE......

Recently I had the opportunity to take 3 of the athletes I help to the worlds largest triathlon, The Chicago triathlon.  The McDonald’s Kids Tri relay which consisted of a 200 meter swim, 5 mile bike and 1.2 mile run. The kids competed together early saturday morning as a team with Victoria jumping into the chilling waters for the swim, Davonni speeding through the two lap bike course for her first tri relay ever and James a veteran to running, taking to the rolling paths of the Lakeshore park to complete the race.
The junior team also trekked down to the 62 degree Michigan waters to help me during my race the following day in the elite wave of the Olympic distance triathlon.
The CARTEL out of Hollywood California were present for the kids Lake Michigan beach start of the saturday morning kids triathlon. 
Director, Leslie Dektor and his crew are filming the promotional video for the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid. Chicago is one of 3 cites being considered for the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics. The film will be shown during the final presentation to the International Olympic Committee when they meet to make their decision on October 2 in Copenhagen, Denmark.  After thousands of auditions and interviews for the presentation the director spotted us on the beach getting ready to go when he saw the compassion needed for the footage. 
Getting the opportunity to be a part of the Olympics and Paralympics coming to the USA in 2016 was an honor so we spent the remainder of the day and following day filming with the crew.  Please go to and pledge your support for the 2016 Olympic/Paralympic bid....bass the baton