Running to the Summit of Mt. Washington

Supported by Junior Team A Step Ahead member Sofia Castillo (Above Knee), Amy Palmiero Winters (Below Knee) took on one of the toughest run challenges in the United States - the annual run up Mt. Washington in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. As the race director announces it's only one hill at the beginning of the race, the runners quickly realize that the one hill is 7.6 miles straight to the top with an average 12% grade of elevation, topping out at 22% at the finish line above the clouds at 6,288 feet.


Sofia...thanks for making it a run to remember...when I reached the summit there was Sofia waiting at the finish-line and I couldn't have been more proud.


Summit Mt. Washington

I'm out of breathe just reading the description. I hiked back in 73' and that was tough. Best of luck with the race.

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Thank ;-) Indra.

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